The Small Animal Hotel

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There's No Place like Home

The Small Animal Hotel treats each pet like their own, getting to know each little personality and character. We give each guest daily attention and offer plenty of toys and enrichment. You are of course always welcome to bring along their own toys and treats from home. 

Specialists in luxury pet boarding

The Small Animal Hotel offers luxury rabbit boarding, guinea pig boarding and all other small animal boarding such as hamsters, bearded dragons, chickens, degus etc. Based in St. Helens, Merseyside.

We have some of the largest rooms in the UK for our guests, with deluxe penthouses offering over an incredible 120 sq ft. of floor space with castles, bridge, mezzanine level and ladders, all with safety banisters!

The Small Animal Hotel is set in a beautiful sandstone converted barn located in a peaceful and tranquil countryside surrounding within easy reach of the M62 - close to Liverpool and Manchester. Our barns are alarmed and have CCTV, we are fully insured, staff DBS checked and have smoke alarms fitted.

All of our accommodation and runs are on hard standing which makes them easy to clean in between boarders - this is essential in a small animal boarding establishment. We have 6 deluxe penthouses, 11 hutch with runs, 22 hutches and plenty of space for pets who come in their own cages or vivariums.

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